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Welcome to Roseworthy Primary

Roseworthy Primary School is located 6km north of Gawler, South Australia.

Reception to year 7 students from the town and surrounding district are enrolled at the school. We have 4 main buildings, a large play area and an oval that is also accessed by the members of the local community outside of school hours. In 2016 Roseworthy Primary School grew to eight classes.

The core business of Roseworthy Primary School is to provide quality teaching and learning in the 8 areas of the Australian Curriculum in a caring and supportive environment. There is a strong community atmosphere and parent support of class and school activities which is a feature of the school culture. This culture reflects the schools motto of “Together We Learn, Together we Grow” and our values of Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Excellence.

Roseworthy Primary was first established in 1863 on the current school site and began with an enrolment of 23 students. In 1904 the school became a public school and in 1927 a brick school building was erected in the south eastern corner of the block. It was demolished in 2000 to allow for future development.

In 2011, a 5.5 million dollar redevelopment of the Roseworthy school site, funded by the South Australian and Federal Governments was completed.

In 2013 Roseworthy Primary School celebrated 150 years of education.

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